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Hundreds of Israeli startups are taking part in flighting the Coronavirus global pandemic in a variety of areas ranging from remote monitoring, diagnostics and decision support, to protection and prevention, and addressing social and mental health aspects of the virus. We are here to connect, facilitate and speed up the adoption of these solutions where ever they are needed.

Introducing Techbench 

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We specialise in startup discovery helping corporates & investors partner and invest in world-leading tech companies from Israel and Australia.


We advise corporations and government organisations on open innovation and provide educational programs in innovation and entrepreneurship to corporate executives and university students.


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Israel is an international powerhouse in innovation & entrepreneurship.


Australia is rapidly growing its startup ecosystem, is an early adopter of technologies, enjoys a highly advanced financial market and some of the world's largest retirement funds.


We believe that technology and innovation co-operation between Australia and Israel will mutually benefit both nations.





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With over 25 years of experience across tech companies, venture capital firms, startup incubators & accelerators, we apply our in-depth experience and knowledge of Israel and Australia’s technology sectors and cultural contexts to help investors, corporates and startups join together to forge successful partnerships.

Our mission is to bring good innovations to life making our customers, partners and team successful.


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